Self- Charging IPhone Tripod

Introduction: Self- Charging IPhone Tripod

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Hello! I have a love for making videos on chemistry, I don't have a good flat surface to put my phone on when doing so. I need a nice tripod to put it on. While dissecting my telescope, I saw the tripod and a nice hole almost the exact size of a USB connector! Lucky me! Anyways, we will be making a tripod for an iPhone- iPod!

Step 1: Materials

- Bresser Aries telescope tripod - Super glue - Normal stock iPhone- iPod charger (Best to be an extra) - Extension cord** ** Optional

Step 2: Wiring

First, unhook the USB on the charger. You will see a USB- sized hole where the telescope would sit. String it through male USB first then, make the charger part be on the top. As shown in pictures. Hook up the AC adapter with the USB. Then super glue the charger part to the tripod as shown. Almost done!

Step 3: Attach

Attach the AC adapter to the socket and plug your phone in. You can video as long as you like now! I will try to make a 2.0 version where you can use landscape mode! But, that's for another day! Comments would be greatly appreciated!

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