Free Electricity From Heating - Stove Fan for 2$

Introduction: Free Electricity From Heating - Stove Fan for 2$

1-VGA aluminum cooler from you can find what is good for you (bigger is better)

2-DC motor from any old toy. Brushless DC motor is better.

3-Some thermal silicone and heatsink paste.

4-Any Small fan or you can design and print it with your 3D printer. or ask me if you want my design.

5-TEG module that generates a good amount of power like SP 1848 27145 SA or better. here is its link:

6-fiberglass or any other heat resistance tubes.

Watch the video to see how it works.

Be carful DO NOT go above 120 degrees celsius when direct heating the module (without a metal sheet) even if it says 150 degrees.

youtube link:

Any questions just comment down :)

Step 1: Put Them Together..

Put the heatsink paste on the metal sheet and then put the TEG module and glue its sides to the metal. aluminum is the best sheet for this case.

Put some heatsink paste on the other face (the cold face with writing) and put the aluminum cooler and glue it.

attach the motor in the way you like.

wire the cables after putting some heat resistance tubes and make sure of the polarity so the fan should cool the cooler as it runs.

That's it!

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    4 years ago

    Dear Rajaa Kahel if you can send those designs of the fans to my email id

    Rajaa Kahel
    Rajaa Kahel

    Reply 4 years ago

    Hi, please tell me what diameter you need for the axis.