Introduction: Selfmade Scope (for Airsoft Etc.)

A simple scope for your airsoft or whatever you want to use it for.

In combination with a laser, its really a cool lil case you have no laser,

put a dot on the front lens. Permanent marker will do!

And here we go:

Step 1: Tools and Material

Short list of materials and tools:

- Dremel tool

- 2 screws

- Old binoculars

- Aluminum sheet or pipe

- Alumium angle bracket 90°

- Jig saw

Step 2: Instructional Video

1. Take it apart, you onle need the center piece and one of the tubes

2. Cut of the part holding the second tube, only 5mm/ fifth of an inch

3. Cut the alu-pipe in shape, or cut and bend the sheet

4. Tape off the spots you want to protect from paint

5. Put some black or grey metallic paint on both parts

6. Hotglue the cover onto the "scope"

7. Cut and attach the foot

8. Test and enjoy