Semi Automatic Livestock Farm

Introduction: Semi Automatic Livestock Farm

This is the Auto livestock farm a Project i have been playing with tweeking and improving gradually over the last few months

i also included a Auto hatcher for farming chickens

Step 1: Step One Dig a Trench

Start by digging a 1x3 trench this will be where the auto collector will go

Step 2: Build a Auto Collector

using 2 Hoppers and a Chest lay them in the trench making sure that the chest faces out the chest will be where you collect any items that drop inside the pen

Step 3: Start Building a Pen

create a 7x9 cobblestone blocks and leave 2 gaps at the back and place 2 blocks next to the space where the chest sits for the colecter

Step 4: Instal Water Dispensers

Place DIspencers in the two open spots on the back wall and place a bucket of water in each once activated this will release water causing anything inside the pen to be pushed into the Hopper

Step 5: Wireing Up the Dispensers

Note: the way shown here this is the most dead simple way to do it if i was going to really go all out i might run the red stone under the pen and have it triggered by a pressure plate

on the diagram the red lines are the red stone and the triangles are repeaters

Step 6: Second Layer and Button

build a complete 7X9 rectangle over the original one and ad a single block for the button to be attached to for activating the red stone

Step 7: Final Layer

build one final 7X9 and if you built it above ground like i did you will need a ladder to get up top

Step 8: Build Feeding/Harvesting Ledge

using half slabs build a legde to stand on to feed and harvest from the animals inside

Step 9: Optional Build Auto Hatcher

this is optional if you need or want to build this to fire any eggs you collect into the pen wish have a 1 in 9 chance of hatching a chicken

start by building a narrow bridge with a dispenser at the middle with the emitter aimed at the back wall of the pen

Step 10: Wire Up the Hatcher

wire up a series of repeaters sett to fill ticks and then use a red stone torch to start the power moving you need to take it away as soon as the first emiter goe dark then replace it with some redstone this will cause the power to loop causing the Dispenser to fire every few seconds

Step 11: Finish Up

Attach a Hopper and a chest to back of the Dispenser and load it up with eggs i did about 7 stacks and had over a dozen birds in no time

remember you DO NOT need this part for any livestock mob except for the chickens

Step 12: Harvest

Press the button and the water will push all the mobs over the hopper allowing you to feed to breed collect any hatched eggs and in the case of sheep use clippers to shear them

pushing the button again will turn the water flow off (trust me you WANT to turn it off the mobs get NOISY when herded this way)

Step 13: Conclusion

and that's pretty much it as i said this is the most dead simple version of this i have actually chained 5 of these together to all work off one button and do all the harvesting at once and everything harvested collects into a single chest but it's INSANELY complicated i'm not even sure how i managed to build that version

i included a few pics of the super harvester's build though so you can see what it looks like if i was going to do it again i might arrange it differently so i can have different pens for each color of sheep

so go nuts make mistakes have fun

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    7 years ago

    What texture pack is that?


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    LOL i KNEW i forgot to put something it's called HerrSommer there are a few variations of it (including a holiday and a medieval version) but i'm using the Basic version in 1.8

    gavin ostendorf
    gavin ostendorf

    1 year ago

    havent built it yet cause im grounded but its an awesome build


    7 years ago

    Hey what is that green picture thing?


    7 years ago on Introduction

    well the fact that people are commenting more on the texture pack then the build does not bode well for my chances in the contest