Introduction: Sending Sms If Smoke Is Detected (Arduino+GSM SIM900A

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Hi everyone!

In my first instructable I will be making a gas alarm which sends message to the user if pollution is detected. This will be a simple prototype using Arduino, GSM module and electrochemical smoke sensor. In future this can be extended to develop a web dashboard to keep a check on violators.

Step 1: Materials Required

(1) Arduino Uno board (or any Arduino board)

(2) GSM shield (Personally recommended GSM SIM900A).

(3) Jumper Cables

(4) 10 K resistor

(5) Breadboard

(6) MQ 135 gas sensor

Step 2: Making Connections (GSM MODULE TO ARDUINO)

First of all connect the TX of GSM module to pin #2 of Arduino and RX to pin#3. Make grounds of both components common. And don't forget to power the GSM shield with a 12V external power source while running your device.

Step 3: Making Connections (between Sensor and Arduino)

Make connections as shown in the pic and TREAT THE SIDE OF SENSOR WITH "MQ135" WRITTEN AS TOP.

And A0 as analog pin (or you have to change the code).

Step 4: Testing Time

Firstly we will run code attached so that we can see readings of sensor in normal and polluted environment on serial monitor.

Note down the values in both the cases.(we can make the environment "polluted" by lighting an incense stick or burning a paper)

Step 5: Final Testing

Use the noted values to edit the final code attached and change the cellphone number in code and flash the code to Arduino.

Open serial monitor and wait.

Serial monitor will show "status OK" and soon will send sms to the cellphone.

Video soon would be published.