Introduction: Sensitivity Comparision of LM35 and DHT11 Using LinkIt One

In This Intructable,You will Be able to Compare Sensitivity Of LM35 and DHT11 . Both Are Temperature Sensors so You will Be able To Choose which one is Prefarable which suits your needs To The Best For Higher Sensitivity Applications.

Step 1: Requirements

  • LM35 Temperature Sensor
  • DHT11 Temperature Sensor
  • Mediatek LinkIt One Board
  • Jumper Wires
  • USB Cable For Board

Step 2: Connections

DHT11 Connections:

Vin : 3V3 On Board
GND : Gnd

Out :D4 On Board

LM35 Connections :

Vcc : 3V3 on Board

Out: A0 on Board

GND :Ground

Step 3: Code,Compile and Run

Upload the Code,compile and Run!!!! You are Ready To Go!!!!!