Series 1 3D Printer Hot End Replacement

Introduction: Series 1 3D Printer Hot End Replacement

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We print a lot in our studio, and even the best maintained machines break down when they are running 24hrs/day. In an earlier Instructable I covered how to network your printers in this one I will be going over some basic maintenance on the Series 1 and how to change a hot end.

Eventually all 3D printers need service, luckily some companies have designed their printers to be easy to service and upkeep. In this instructable I will be walking through the steps to replace the hot end on a Type A Machines Series 1 3D printer. It takes about 5 minutes and all the tools are included with the service kits.

Step 1: What You Will Need:

You will need to have your Series 1 3D Printer turned on and connected.

A replacement needle.

Hex key to the head

Thermal Grease

Step 2: Open the Hot End and Remove the Old Hot End

Use the Hex key to undo the bolt on the front of the head. It will open and reveal the hot end assembly.

Disconnect the purple and orange wires from the upper position on the board. You can now pull the hot end towards you to remove it from the machine.

Step 3: Install the New Hot End

Take the new hot end and plug it into the upper position where the old one was.

Apply a small dap of thermal grease to the inside of the hot end channel on both sides of the hot end clamp.

Snap the new hot end assembly into place, push it down into this new layer of thermal grease.

Step 4: Closing the Head and Reconnecting

Place the front clamp back on over the back clamp. Use the hex key to screw the bolt back in. Great, you're already done with the hardware!

Open up the interface via a web browser. Since you disconnected the old hotend the interface will report an error. Reload the page and hit connect, the printer will reset and should say connected. You're now up and running.

Step 5: Print!

You've now just replaced the head in your Series 1, time to print more awesome stuff!

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you for sharing how to do this, I appreciate your step-by-step descriptions and photos!