Introduction: Setting SSC-32 Baud Rate

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One of the important things to remember when using an SSC-32 is to set the baud rate. If you do not set the baud rate, you wont be able to send commands to the SSC-32 servo controller, regardless of whether you have powered it right. So, you won't be able to control servos with the controller.

The baud rate is set using two different methods, depending on whether the SSC-32 has DB9 serial port or a USB serial port. If the board has a USB serial port such as the one i am using, you change the baud rate using the baud rate inputs which resemble 2 switches as shown in the images.

Ensure the baud rate you have set is equal to the one you have specified in your code, in the void setup section. Once you have done this, you will be able to send commands to your SSC-32 servo controller successfully. For more on this check out SSC-32 baud rate tutorial.