Severed Arm, Manacle, and Chain Decor

Introduction: Severed Arm, Manacle, and Chain Decor

As an addition to my other instructable found here:

We can go a little further and use the chain prop to make a full fledged severed arm decoration. They sell these in stores but they are woefully expensive for what they are and are usually made of hollow mold plastic. This is a durable, convincing, replication for a fairly cheap price. Items needed:

-2" ID PVC pipe - (this may change depending on arm size)

-severed arm

-1 -1/4" ID PVC pipe - only need a small piece as shown later

-hack saw

-super glue

-spray paint (silver and black)

-optional fake blood

Step 1: Cut a Manacle

I bought the 2 ft section of 2" black PVC piping from Home Depot. I only needed 2" because the severed arm I am using has a fairly thin wrist. If you have thicker arms or wrists I would suggest going with the next step up which I believe is 3". 3" also might be a good idea for ankle shackles!

I cut, roughly, a 3/4 thick piece from my stock. Once cut off, I cleaned the edges with 120 grit to remove the bits and danglies. I used the 120 to also sand the entire surface of the manacle for later spray painting.

Step 2: Cut Manacle Link

We need a link to start on the outside of the manacle so that the chain can connect to it. If you have a left over link from the previous instructable, cut that in half. This will be glued,epoxied into place.

Note, place the half link directly on the other side of the manacle opening.

***For those that need to make one of these piece. Cut off a small piece of 1-1/4" PCV (approx 1/2" wide). Take that piece and dunk it in water just under the boiling point. Once you check the piece for malleability smush it into the shape of a link. Then use that link to complete the above steps.

Step 3: Glue Half Link

Once you have your half link we can glue or epoxy it down to the manacle. I tried three different methods for securing the link to the manacle. I tried standard PVC primer and cement, two part mix epoxy, and standard Loctite "super glue". I liked super glue the best because it was easier to apply and add more later but all methods were successful.

After the glue dries (I let mine cure for a few hours) test fit the manacle over the severed arm. You'll know if you haven't used enough glue if the half link pops away from its holding. Sand the surfaces better to make the fit of the half link as flush as possible on the side of the manacle. Reapply glue. Once you are satisfied head onto the paint.

Step 4: Painting Manacle

In the same way that the painting is done in the chain instructable here:

we first spray the piece down with metallic silver. Let that dry completely. Once dry we come back with some black spray paint. Let it sit for 10-30 seconds and then in a lateral wiping movement try to remove as much of the spray paint as possible to attain a weathered metal look.

Re-attach to the severed arm and add your chain in the next step.

Step 5: Add Chain and Place

Attach the chain you made from the previous instructable or other bit of hanging kit, like a rope/twine, or real chain!

For an added effect add blood under the arm on the ground or above the surface it is hanging to finish off a great decoration. I will be hanging this in my cubicle with blood dripping down on to some computer paper.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    That poor fellow just couldn't get away from his cubicle! . . . In one piece at least.

    Nicely done!