Introduction: Shadow Light - Bedroom Light Made of Candle Holder

We recently moved, and there were some modern lights installed in our bedroom that just didn't fit within the worm cossie feeling we wanted the room to have. We had 3 candle holders we got for present, that were realy nice looking, but a bit bulky and semi-usefull, since it was quite hard to light the candle in the talest one. It was an easy diy project that only took me an hour or two and no special tools were used.

Step 1: What Is Needed?

Obviously, what you ned for a shadow light is some sort of candle holder like mine. Shops online sell all kinds of holders, so you should be able to find some that you like and can be converted in shadow lamp. Other option is to use some mesh or make one of your own morrocan style candle shades (google it) and install a bulb fixture in it.

As for electrial part of light, you need a E27 or E14 light fixture (one with a screw ring that will hold candle holder, apropriate light bulb (NOT a LED buld since the light source has to be more concentrated (pointy) - I use a small size tungsten bulbs, just 40W, halogen would be even better if you preffer harder shadow edges, some electical 2 wire cable, white terminal masking plate and a pair of terminal blocks / chocolate blocks. I got my fixture for 1.5€, bulb for 0.5€ and a masking plate for 0.5€. If the bulb fixture doesn't inlude a cable holder that screws on top of bulb fixture and holds the cable, you should get one, since the weight of bulb, bulb fixture and candle holder can't be put on just two tiny wires connected in the bulb fixture. It is dangerous not to use it

No special tool is needed, just a live wire checker, screw driver for chocolate blocks, exacto knife or a cable stripper, if too lazy also a jigsaw.

Step 2: Installing Bulb Fixture

I just took a bulb fixture, draw a circle and used nail and a hammer to take the inner part out, on second one i was too lazy, took a saw and cut out the central part. Use some lower grade sandpaper {100 or lower} to smooth the freshly cut edges, specialy if using the nail and hammer method. Third picture shows the hole after cutting with electrical saw.

Step 3: Electrical Part

We are about to work with potentially dangerous voltages. Use a phase cheker to confirm that there is no voltage present durig the instalation. I allways take the fuse out (actually i switch it off) so I am 100% sure it is safe to touch wires.

This step is easy, just install a short piece of cable in bulb fixture, make a hole in terminal blanking plate and connect it to chocolate terminals. Make sure to connect brown wire to Phase (L - live wire) that is in center of bulb fixture and blue wire to Nutral (N). if you have a third wire - yellow/green, leave it disconnected, as we won't be grounding the candle holder.

I wanted to hide cable as much as possible so I took a screw and thicker copper wire and fixed the cable on it.

We are almost done, just take a candle holder, push it over the bulb holder and screw on the plastic ring that will hold the holder on. Thats all!

Thank you for reading my first instructable, sorry for my bad english!

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