Introduction: Share Lock

More people but fewer locks! A common problem. Now you can share your locks with others with the keys in your smartphones!. With this, you can also know who accessed the locker. All this can be done from anywhere in the world all you need is a device with an internet. The amazing part is the whole thing is be made in less than 15 hrs.

Step 1: Components of Our Lock System

This is all we need to create an efficient locker system to control lockers remotely with a sharing facility.

Breadboard: our platform providing connections to all the circuit components.

Arduino: converts all your codes to motions.

Motor driver circuit: Controls the motor of the locker in opening and closing on the instructions given.

A Bolt circuit, a motor

and connecting wires.

Step 2: All Connected Components Working Together.

we use bolt which is a kind of server for locker. To have locking mechanism we need to have some actuators ,for those we used servos with simple mechanism.We have a server hosted on a computer that processes the request and gives instruction to bolt. Server maintains a record of all the user and their lockers. The requests to bolt is processed and the bolt sends information to arduino regarding the pins of the lockers to open or close. The arduino drives the motors via the motor driver.

Step 3: Now Connecting the Circuit

First connect motor to motor driver and then to arduin.And choose pins you want to use from arduino and connect them to bolt . To know more about boltiot go to its website . Connections are simple since we receive signals which arduino can directly read the values from, so we just need to connect the pins to arduino depending on which you wish to use.

Step 4: Video Explaining How It Works

Step 5: Coding

In this project we created a server to do the processing. Depending on your use you can either create a app or webpage .You need to create a authentication and in server you need to receive requests and peocess it according to your will and send the request to bolt or any other wifi module to comunicate with arduino.

In arduino code , it is just to control actuators depending on signal from server.

In our case we used django and made a secure server and our code is flexible ,it can bedirectly integrated with app/webpage or any other iot device too.