Shed Cat Hair Yarn for Decorative Purposes

Introduction: Shed Cat Hair Yarn for Decorative Purposes

I made this instructable because we brush our cats every day and throw away a lot of shed cat hair, and I thought there must be some way to recycle it.


Cat brush
Shed cat hair

Step 1: Obtain Shed Cat Hair

Use a cat hair brush to brush your cat. Depending on the project and the amount your cat sheds, it may take days to collect enough to make yarn. After you have collected a sufficient amount of shed cat hair, hand wash it thoroughly with soap.

Step 2: Make the Yarn

Take all the cat hair you have collected, and put it together to form one ball. If you have a large amount, make several smaller balls. Pull and "stretch" as shown above to ensure all hairs are going in the same direction. Carefully pull and twist into a long thin piece as shown. Then, run under water and slowly twist more until it is tightly twisted.

Step 3: Done

Now you have recycled cat hair yarn! It is best used wet. Do not machine wash. You can use it to crochet if you have a big enough hook (shown), which will depend on how thick your yarn is. You can, also, weave it to make a wall hanging.

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