Introduction: Sheet Metal, Plasma Cut, 9 Bottle, Wine Rack

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The attached files are a scalable vector graphic (.svg) and the corel file I used to design and make this project. You are free to use / modify as your own.

The tool I used is a CNC plasma cutting table. However, if you are skilled with CNC devices, you'll find this file could be imported into a format that could be used on a CNC Water-Jet or CNC laser, or even a CNC wood router.

The .svg file can be imported into most CAD Programs (I have access to a Torchmate 4800. I design in Corel and then export as .svg file into

The material I used was a 24" x 48" piece of 16 gage hot rolled sheet steel. This is enough to cut two of the wine racks if nested together prior to cutting.


24" by 48" sheet of hot rolled 16 Gage sheet steel

CNC Plasma table

Spray Paint

MIG welder

4-1/2 inch hand grinder with (100 grit?) sanding disc.

Step 1: Import the Design, Then Cut the Part Out and Clean It Up.

Import the SVG file to your Computer Aided Software (CAD) of choice.

Finish dimensions for one wine rack panel (before folding) will be 44.072 x 11.721 inches.

Download the finished file to your Computer Aided Machine (CAM)

Cut the design out.

Once the part is cut out, clean off the slag with the angle grinder and sanding disk.

There will be four distinct panels with slots with connecting tabs between each. These are the folding lines.

Step 2: Fold the Sheet on the Lines Between the Panels

Folding can be done with a small amount of hand pressure. Bend the four corners to 89 degrees.

Bend the tabs inside the holes to 90 degrees (more or less). These are the bottle supports.

Once folded, the open ends have a tab and slot configuration to aid with alignment. Slip the tabs and slots together and tape, glue or tac-weld (my choice) the corners together.

Careful with full welds, this is sheet metal and may warp with too much heat. Using a MIG for three or four spot welds will introduce the least amount of heat and provide adequate retention.

Step 3: Simple Wine Rack

Spray paint or treat as you see fit.

The end product is a simple steel wine rack that will hold 9 bottles and will fit any place a prone bottle will fit.

Height and width is about 12 x 15 inches. Depth is 7 inches. With bottles on top tier, the height would be about 15 inches.

Holes for the bottles are 4 inches in Diameter

Tabs inside the holes are for the wine bottle to rest on. Otherwise the bottle would rest on the hard edge of the cutout.

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