Shelf From Reused Bottles

Introduction: Shelf From Reused Bottles

Another short project made of junk.

It's a small shelf to put on a desk. It takes about half an hour to make it.

Step 1: Gathering Materials

Minimal requirements :

  • 4 empty plastic bottles
  • 2 boards with a similar size
  • 1 cutter and 1 ruler

I've found one board in the streets. It probably comes from a random piece of furniture.
The white board comes from a hardware store. It was in a box of offcuts, 1 euro/piece.

We need to clean the bottles with a bit of water and remove the labels.

Step 2: Notches

Then we can cut a notch in every bottle. It should be of the same width as one of the boards.
My cuts are about the quarter of the bottle perimeter and I placed them at 15cm from the bottom. (see pictures)

If your board fits exactly in the notches, you won't need any glue or extra stuff to keep it in place.

In that purpose, you can make small cuts first and then gradually broaden them until the board fits in.

Step 3: Assemble the Parts

One board goes inside these cuts.

The other one goes on the top of the bottles.

You can just put the board on top of the structure. It is heavy enough for the friction to prevent the board from moving.

I've left the caps on the bottles. This way there is a bigger contact surface between the board and the bottles.
And moreover, by screwing or unscrewing them a little, you can adjust the horizontality of the board.

Step 4:

In this state, it's fine for me. It's a temporary shelf. I'm staying in a flat for a few years, I don't want to buy furniture and discard everything when I leave.

But, you can still add a few decorations. The possibilities varies depending on the color of the bottle. With transparent colorless bottles you can put sand, little rocks and other things in them.

There are plenty of instructables with ideas :

Note : There might be some ways to add small hooks all around your bottles. To hang keys, small tools, jewelery.

With strong bottles, maybe something like this could work :

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