Shelf/Mini Bridge for a Speaker or Something Else




Introduction: Shelf/Mini Bridge for a Speaker or Something Else

About: I am a person that likes making cool stuff.

I saved up money and bought a speaker to connect to my monitor by an audio plug for game sounds and for going outside, but I had nowhere to put it on, so I decided to make a shelf/mini bridge and thought other people might want to make something like that themselves.


Step 1:

First, I cut the board down to the size I wanted wich was (19.7cm)x(48.6cm)x(1.4cm).

Step 2:

Then I marked the holes that needed to be drilled.

  • The first two holes:

I marked the width of the wooden plank to 4 rectangles which were (4.925cm)x(4.4cm). And then I divided (4.4cm) by 2 on the first rectangle and marked a hole in the middle. And did the same on the other side.

Step 3:

  • The second two holes:

I divided (48.6cm) by 8 and marked into 8 rectangles 7 of those were (6.075cm) and 1 of them was (5.7cm). Then I divided the last rectangle (5.7cm) by 3 into 3 little rectangles which were (1.9cm). Then I divided the hight which was (1.4cm) by 2 into 2 rectangles and marked the hole where their sides collided and where the first (1.9cm) rectangle ended and did the same on the other side. Then I drilled holes where I marked them and screwed in the two screw hooks and the two bolt hooks.

Step 4:

After that, I marked the holes in the side of my drawers wooden panel.

The top hooks are (19cm) from the lower hooks and (4.1cm) from the sides. The top hooks are (20cm) apart. And the lower hooks are (9.6cm) apart.

Step 5:

To keep the hooks in place more I cut the wooden dowel to 4 pieces to the size of the hook screws plastic anchor which was (4.0cm) and sanded a wooden dowels side so the drawers wouldn't be blocked by the wooden dowels.

Then drilled a hole in the wooden dowels so I could fit tightly the plastic anchors into the wooden dowel. After that, I poured some glue into the wooden dowels hole and hammered the plastic anchors into the hole.

After that, I glued the wooden dowels to the sides of the wooden panel and screwed them in the hook screws.

Step 6:

Then I checked if everything fitted.

Step 7:

When I checked everything I painted the board to the color I wanted (which was the color of my drawers).

Step 8:

Then I unscrewed the 2 hook screws and poured the superglue into the holes where the 2 hook screws where placed and screwed them back in.

For the other hook bolts I just poured the superglue into the hole where I screwed the hook bolts.

Then I removed the excess glue.

Step 9: And You Are Finished!!!

You can place everything on this shelf from speakers to controllers to books. And when you don't want to use it you can close the mini bridge/shelf or remove the shelf and hang up something on those hooks.

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    3 years ago

    I have to say I've never seen a little shelf/drawbridge before. Great design :)


    Reply 3 years ago