Introduction: Shelves After 3 Months

finally finished these shelves after 3 months


woodden box

3 screws

masking tape

paint or

Step 1: Holes and Screws

make 3 holes.

2 in the upper corners and 1 in the lower center

*i advice to make the holes with the same screws your hunging it with.

Step 2: Holes and Screws 2

place the box in the wall and mark where the screws/holes are placed

*if needed add some studs to the wall

Step 3: Paint

first, tape with the desgin you want or do not tape at all.

apply the varnish to the wodden box

let dry

untape it

Step 4: Hang the Box

screw the box in place

Step 5: Belongings

place your belongings

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