Shining Bicycle Turn Signals




Introduction: Shining Bicycle Turn Signals

First, I publish this stuff for my friend K. He is a very young shy man and not good at English. I believe he is kind of creative maker. Although my English is just a little bit better than him, I will try to introduce his wonderful work to all of you.

Second, this idea popped up when K was riding bicycle one night. He found it's necessary and cool to have a turning signal when riding at night. Fortunately, he knew where he can use the 3D printer, and it's easy to buy Arduino boards on line, so he made a fabulous one!

According to K's design, when the body or bicycle turns left or right above the setting threshold, the light will change like waterflow, and the color will turn red.

Let's see how K made this shining turn signal step by step.

Step 1: Materials

1. Arduino Bluno Nano

2. Triple Axis Accelerameter ADXL345

3. Digital RGB LED Strip

4. Protoboard

5. 25MW Infrared Line Laser * 2

6. 10K ohm resistor * 2

7. Charger baby or battery box

Step 2: Print the Main Body

Use 3D printer to make the main part of this turn signal.

This one is look like two arrows at each side.

You can design it yourself, if you like wings, butterfly or anything else.

Step 3: Install the LED Strip

Weld the wires to the digital LED strip and then insert the strip into the main part.

Those LED lights need to be put evenly.

Step 4: The Circuit

At first we can try on the breadboard.

The two resistors are needed.

Step 5: Programming the Arduino

The software is attached.

Two additional DLL are needed.

Step 6: Put Together

Insert the bluno and ADXL345 to the protoboard.

Fix the board into the plastic main body.

Connect to the electricity, and see if it works.

The color is changing.

Step 7: Attach the Lasers

The laser supports are also made by 3D Printer.

Insert the laser to the support and then glue the support to the main body.

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    Great project, does anyone have a complete sketch which includes the two DLL files?



    7 years ago

    really beautiful and smart, i want to make this on my Vespa, but i havn't Arduino Bluno Nano... for try can i use my arduino Uno rev.3? tanks ?


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    thanks:) i have only a problem, i don't know how install the two DLL on my pc, I have HP pavillion DV6 with Windows 8.1 and arduino IDE 1.0.6.

    could you help me? :) thanks :)

    progetto luce bici-vespa.jpg

    Very nice design, I love it. However I have a doubt. Would not too late to show the direction when you incline left or right? I think you should show the turning signal before you turn to warn following vehicles. Anyway, it is just a detail for a cool glowing light to be very functional :-)


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Yes, you're right. One solution is to add a switch, and we are still thinking about it. Now we mostly carry it for fun :D


    very nice design. i like this. i want to make bike light too. but cant get the right time :)


    7 years ago on Introduction

    This is very smart design, well thought LED placement (many people get LED wrong and expose the bright light directly), nice futuristic design, a video will truly do a justice. Rather am very eager to see it working, hopes high :)