Ship Made From a Cardboard Box

Introduction: Ship Made From a Cardboard Box

I made this several years ago and I am sorry but these were all the pics I could still locate.

I made this LC(Landing Craft) to go with my G.I.Joe collection. I had a box from a weed whacker and I was about to throw it out when I thought I could turn it into something and set it aside. I finally decided on a landing craft to go with my Joe collection.

Step 1:

The box was roughly four feet long and two wide and made from sturdy cardboard. To turn it into a ship first I measured how tall the sides were(roughly 5 inches) then measured the width and cut the top lengthwise to match the height of the sides. I then folded down the flaps and hot glued them to the inside of the box. The bow I cut on an angle then folded up and cut the front to make the openable front ramp door: I left flaps on the sides of the ramp door so I could tuck them into the sides of ship to hold them securely. The bridge I made from cardboard and foamboard and hot glued into place as well.

Step 2:

I then spray painted the LC a camouflage pattern. This ship was never intended to be used on water so I didn't have to waterproof it or install a motor.

Step 3:

The LC, or landing craft, accommodates several vehicles and a lot of Joe figures. The cardboard is sturdy enough for normal use and the bow ramp can be opened or closed easily. Since this is intended for the adult/collector fans of G.I.Joe toys(like myself), It was never meant to be usable on water but rather as a display/diorama piece.

A box like this can also be used to make other large vehicles for other toylines: The box could be turned into a spacecraft for Star Wars figures or a helicarrier from the Avengers.

I later gave it to a friend of mine who was also a Joe fan, and he liked it a lot.

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    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    So do I. And I also made a terrordrome for the collector friend of mine.