Introduction: Shirt for Lazy People

Hello Guys in this tutorial i gonna show how to make a button less shirt here we are replacing buttons with velcro straps

velcro straps are used as fastening agent in this

Hope it loved by lazy people as it is easy to wear and remove a shirt as there is no more insertion and removal of Buttons

Don't worry about looks as the buttons are not removed from the shirt they are kept as it is

Step 1: Things Required

A Shirt obviously

velcro straps you can get it from your hardware shop 1 m would be enough

Fabric Glue


A Needle or sewing machine here i don't have a sewing machine so i managed with a needle an thread

A Marker to mark

Step 2: Attaching Velcro Straps to the Shirt

Measure the length of the shirt and velcro for marking and cut it

Use fabric glue and stick the velcro to the shirt initially

Do the same thing to the other side

But make sure that the buttons are not covered

please go through the pictures

Step 3: Stitching the Velcro to the Shirt

After gluing the velcro to the shirt and if every thing is fine then stitch them together

But before stitching make sure that the borders of shirt and velcro are aligned properly and the two velcro straps are of uniform length

Step 4: Working

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