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Use caution when laser cutting plastics, make sure it is non toxic.

The goal of this project is to create an alternative to taking off shoes when entering your house. I love having clean floors But I am way to lazy to take my shoes off knowing that I am going to have to put back on in only a few minutes. The solution to this problem is the ShoeSock, a semi rigid fabric that quickly and effortlessly attaches and detaches over/under your shoe.

Step 1: Materials/Tools


  1. fabric
  2. thread
  3. acrylic (or some other rigid material)
  4. velcro


  • Sewing machine/needle
  • Laser cutter/scissors

Step 2: Design

The first step is to design your ShoeSock, I made a quick paper model and then took a picture of it. I then used the picture to make a computer drawing of the paper model so that I could laser cut it. I am including the file that I used to cut my fabric and acrylic, I am a size 8, but is will probably work with an 8 1/2 size shoe

Step 3: Cut

There are several ways to cut the fabric. but laser cutting or fabric scissors would be the easiest. For the acrylic, laser cutting is definitely the easiest.

Step 4: Sew

The sewing is fairly straight forward, I recommend sewing the edges of the whole thing to prevent unraveling. there are more instructions in the pictures above.

Step 5: Velcro

take the sticker off of one side of the Velcro while it is connected to its pair. Stick it on the edge of one of the pieces of fabric that folds over the shoe. Then take off the tape that is on the piece that is stuck to the Velcro that is taped down. put it on your shoe and fold it over so the whole thing is tight, press down on the Velcro to secure it, and its done! If the tape is not very strong it is a good idea to sew the Velcro.

Step 6: Wearing the ShoeSock

There are two methods:

  1. Step on it and fold over to latch Velcro
  2. Leave Velcro attached and slip the shoes into the ShoeSock

Step 7: Conclussion

This has been working great for me to keep the floors clean. I can only hope that other people like you make this. If you liked my Instructables subscribe and vote for me in the footwear contest.

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