Introduction: Shoebox Makeover to Sticky Tape Storage


✴ Paint
✴ Sealer
✴ Primer
✴ A need to store sticky tape rolls
✴ Black electrical tape
✴ Glue

✴Roll from glad wrap

Step 1: Paint the Shoebox

Step 1: Cut out holes at either end of the box, about large enough to fit the glad wrap paper roll in.
Step 2: Slice down two corners of the lid on the long edge (to make a latch lid if preferred)
Step 3: Apply a primer to help the paint maintain
Step 4: Apply layers of white paint as required (I think for this blue box it took 3 or 4 layers of paint)
Step 5: When all layers have sufficiently dried use a sealer (I had a matte spray can which did the trick) to stop it crackling.

Step 2: Electrical Tape Time

Step 5: Get some super glue - heavy duty will last the longest. Along the edge of the lid that you severed, and the back of the bottom piece of the shoe box, glue up and stick on!

Step 6: Taking some black electrical tape, cut 10 pieces out, about 3 1/2 cm, all identical, place one piece around the top/bottom of each corner. Except for the side where the lid will be attached

Step 7: Take a second piece about half the size and connected to first piece you stuck down, but going vertical.
(except for the top of the bottom box- this as you can see in the picture just has the one long slice.)

Step 8: Once electrical tape is complete, take some everyday celco clips, and using scissors or a knife, work a small hole through the top corners of the lid (carefully!). Pop in the celco clips for neat decoration.
Make sure to keep the inner split as smooth as possible or this will catch when you're opening and closing the lid

Step 3: Complete

Step 9: (If you like) Paint the glad wrap roll white for good measure, when dry, line your sticky tapes along it and pop it into the box

[Discounted] Because this didn't really work (But I'm sure there are similar ways that would!)

Step 10: Take a used glad wrap box, cut the side out with the serrated edge, then using glue, stick it into the inner side of the box. (To cut the tape kept in the box - but this wasn't strong enough for this kind of tape)

Done! :)