Introduction: Shoot Zombies in Virtual Reality With Your Mobile Phone

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Stalk-VR is an innovative new virtual reality horror game experience available for Android or iPhone. Stalk utilizes the rear camera of your phone to track a cardboard controller that can be made at home for free, giving you a VR experience similar to the HTC Vive or Oculus rift for a fraction of the cost, at only 99 cents! The game can be played with any mobile phone virtual reality headset or any google cardboard style headset as long as the rear facing camera is exposed. This Instructable will show you how to make the cardboard controller that you need to play the game.

You will need:

- A printer

- Two pieces of cardboard

-Glue or tape


Download the app here:



Here is the VR headset I use in the video:

$11 VR-BOX Version 2:

Step 1: Print Your Tracker.

Go to and click the button that days: "download tracker (pdf)".

Scroll down a little and click: "print tracker (pdf)."

If your printer allows you to change any settings try to print it in black and white only, at 100% scale. If you can't change any settings no big deal.

Step 2: Assemble Your Tracker.

Apply glue or double sided tape to both pieces of paper that you printed out and attach them to some cardboard.

Flatten the paper onto to the cardboard to make sure you have a good adhesion.

Now cut out the gun and the tracker along the dotted lines.

Step 3: Complete the Assembly.

Once everything is cut out you should be left with 3 pieces.

Assemble the tracker as shown in the images above.

Thats it your done.

Go play Stalk-VR.

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