Introduction: Shop Cheats: Clean Various Holes

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Here is another Instructable in my series of Shop cheats. How to clean up pipe, tube, holes and bores, of most any size and depth! If you want to read any of my previous posts here are some links:

I re-use a lot of materials. And often times those materials are less than clean. Maybe I would like to run a cylinder hone down a hole but the hole is too deep for the hone. Or maybe I have a part that has seen more of it's own share of weather and has rust and crud in it. Just as long as there is a hole or bore that needs imprecise cleaning and is not overly large, maybe under two inches, this can make things easier. This cheat is really simple, cheap and easy. And you actually have to build something this time!

You will need:

  • A power drill
  • Welding rod or other stiff wire
  • Emory cloth and/or steel wool

Step 1: Make a Tool

1) Start with the welding rod, and bend about an inch back over onto itself.

Make the bend nice and sharp. Typically I use a vise to hold the welding rod securely. But pliers will work too.

2) Insert a length of Emory cloth or steel wool

The size of your hole will determine how much abrasive you will want to use. Use enough that you get a figure eight with Emory cloth. This way it is non-directional. Also if you have enough Emory cloth you can rotate used parts for unused parts.

3) Pinch welding rod tight

This is how you will be securing the abrasive to your tool. So the tighter the better.

4) Chuck in your favorite power drill

Just chuck up the other end of the rod in a power drill. Use it just like a cylinder hone. Except you can use it in any depth hole, so long as your welding rod or wire is long enough.

Sometimes in larger holes I pack steel wool in the loops of the Emory cloth. This way the tool touches everything.