Introduction: Shopper/Folding Bike - Light Adapter Clamp

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Hi all.

My wife bought a folding shopper bike a while ago. We like to ride at night from time to time so lights are a must.
Unfortunately due to crazy construction the bike has no bracket to mount a light, no area really available to mount a light and if ya tried mounting one in the normal place the ********** basket is in the way.
To compound things the lights the missus has are the silicone Frog Light type - this means that clamping is done in the horizontal plane, here is how we managed to solve our issue.

Step 1: S1

ok - the first couple of  pictures show how little mounting area there is - the last  is where we eventually placed the light, only problem, the shaft is vertical and the Frog Light clamps on the horizontal, but we managed it.

Step 2: S2 - You Will Need

1 - piece of small PVC waste pipe cut to the same width as the light, with a crescent cut made in one side the same radius as the shaft.

2 - plastic pop bottle caps

2 - lengths of old bike inner tube - one about 10 inches long, the other  about an inch

1 - Light

1 - Bike

Step 3: S3 - Assemble

Push the long piece of inner tube through the PVC pipe until the ends sticking out are the same length.

Step 4: S4 - Frog

Clip the light onto the PVC with the cut out to the back as seen in the picture.

Step 5: S5 - Shaft

I have done this bit on a piece of scrap tube so it is a bit easier to see.

Put the light up against the shaft with the cut out facing inwards.

Wrap the inner tube around the metal until the ends meet.

Push the short length of tube over the ends of the longer like a rubber band, effectively stopping the light from falling 

Step 6: S6 - Tabs

Pull outwards on the tabs sticking out from the band - this will roll the band downwards and clamp the light to the shaft.

Step 7: S7 - Caps

To stop the band from working it's way backwards, insert the caps into the inner tube and push them all the way down as far as they will go, pulling back on the rubber as you do so - when you look into the inner tube the threads of the caps should be visible if they are in the right position. Tuck in the ends of the inner tube to add even more lock (plus tidy up the extra material).

Step 8: All Good

All done - to replace the batteries simply pop out the caps - remove the band and change.

The only place we found was under the basket to mount our light, you might have a different issue but if this helps then all good.

safe riding.