Introduction: Shoulder Tie-Dye Crop Top

This is a very simple tie dye instruction that only requires rubber bands to get the effect. We will be using the bulls eye technique but starting at the shoulders and working our way down!

Step 1: Materials

Crop Top

Rubber Bands

Procion Dye


Rubber Gloves

Step 2: Tie Rubber Bands

I started at the shoulder seam and worked my way down until I reached the armpit seam on each side. Make sure to tie tightly so that it will resist the dye.

Put as many or as little rings as you would like! You can also work with different spacing variations to create different effects!

Step 3: Prepare Dye

I already had some leftover dye in a bottle, so that is what I will be using today. Each brand or type of dye will have different preparation instructions, so just follow those to make your dye. (The brand I used is Dharma Trading's Procion dye.)

Step 4: Dip Into Dye Solution

I left the shirt in the dye for about 1-2 minutes. You can leave in less or more time to achieve lighter or darker shades.

Step 5: Ring Out Excess Dye

Once you've gotten most of the liquid out, let sit overnight in plastic bag.

Step 6: Rinse & Remove Rubber Bands

Rinse shirt thoroughly until water runs clear, then remove rubbers and hang to dry!

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