Introduction: Shower Cleaner

We have thought of an automated system for cleaning the shower box. It uses a sliding system that in various steps and with the use of liquid liquid detergent, clean the shower box.

Step 1: Filling Test for Water Tank

In this step we used a water sensor and a buzzer to simulate the filling of the main tank with water.

Step 2: Test to Reach the Boundary Position of the Cleaner

In this step we used an IR Distance Interrupter and a Buzzer to simulate the reaching of the boundary position of the cleaner (bottom side of the Shower Box)

Step 3: Test of the Water Pump for Spraying Soap or Water Into the Shower Box

In this step we simulate the spray system start and stop (for soap or water) using a button and a relay

Step 4: Tests for Rinsing Function

In this step we used a Button, a Relay and a Mini Water Pump to simulate the rinsing of the shower box.