Side Window Sun Shades for Your Car




Introduction: Side Window Sun Shades for Your Car

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I wanna keep my car cool when I have to leave my car parked for long periods. It might look ghetto but man I can tell the difference right away when they're in. This is just a test I might make them more fancy in the future but these are great for privacy screens if you're camping or living the #vanlife

Step 1: Gather Materials

For a small pickup truck like mine you probably only need one large sized windshield cover. The local Daiso Japanese store had them for $3 they include suction cups

Fabric tape to cover edges 2-3 rolls $1.50 per roll at Daiso

Knife or scissors

Step 2: This Is the Fabric Tape

Unfortunately it only comes in wild patterns. I guess gaffers tape would work equally as well just to protect the edges from getting fluffed up.

Step 3: Hold Up to Outside of Window and Trace

The outside of the window is way easier to trace than the inside. This will make it slightly larger than the inside window space but that's okay. It helps keep the shield wedged in position

Step 4: Start Cutting

You can see that the sunshade already has a grommet in it for the suction cup.

Step 5: Extra Grommets

I don't remember where I found these plastic grommets but they work fabulously! If you cut extra holes for extra suction cups you might wanna use something like this. Or real grommets

Step 6: Cut the Fabric Tape Into Strips

Step 7: This Is What a Completed Panel Looks Like

Step 8: TADA!

After some fiddly cutting and trimming you'll be done and it will look awesome! Here's to a cooler car!

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    4 years ago

    Love this version of car curtains - even better than fabric, b/c it reflects the sun, easier to put up and take down, and doesn't stick out into your space if you're car-camping! Also, easier to dust (and wipe off exploded soda). :) I didn't know you could find these with suction cups, I'll be looking for that!


    5 years ago

    Nice idea, also allows much greater privacy ...


    5 years ago

    Good show! I'll be looking for the materials.