Introduction: Silent Hill Cinder Block Hammer

a simple silent hill hammer


scissors or a box cutter

sheet of cardboard

hot glue gun



stick for a handle


Step 1:

step 1) you are going to lay out the sheet of cardboard and draw all of your shapes on it and make sure all the lines are even and straight with your ruler

step 2) cut out all of the shapes you need and make sure you cut as straight as possible. you can use the ruler to cut straight lines.

Step 2:

step 3) now take one of your side pieces and a bottom piece and glue in three spots the ends and the middle so that it can hold itself up.

step 4) now that it can stand without help you can start on the middle sections by glueing 2 together with a 90 degree angle slide it in the hole in the side and glue it in place. let that dry and repeat the process till you have them all done in the middle. and then glue the remaining side on so the only thing missing on it is the ends and top.

Step 3:

step 5) now take all the part for the end and glues both ends on one at a time and let them dry.

step 6) now that everything's dry you can take your handle/ stick and measure the end of it and figure out the size. then you need to find the center of space between the two boxes in the middle. once you do that you need to cut a hole as big as the end of the stick. then push it all the way thru until its about level with the top.

Step 4:

step 7) now that you have almost everything done you need to glue on the top so before you glue it to the rest of the block glue the end of the stick to the top piece so the handle doesn't slide around and when that's dry you can finally glue the top piece to the rest of it.

step 8) now that you have it all done take a grey spray paint or even a grey primer and paint the block you can even put a thin clear coat and before it dries you can take sand and throw it on the block so it sticks and so it gives it texture then paint the rest of it grey.

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