Introduction: Silk Dancing Ribbons for Kids

What could be more fun than dancing with your kids to your favorite tunes? Dancing with ribbons of course! This fun easy project will add some color and fun to their dance moves. Instant-set Colorhue Silk Dyes will also make this a quick project for those who are into more immediate gratification! Great classroom project as well.

Step 1: Let's Get Started!

Shopping list:

ColorHue 6 Color Set

Silk Ribbon - We suggest the 1/2 inch or 1 inch woven though we used some bias cut we had around.



Wooden bangle or purse rings

Step 2: Prepare the Ribbon

1. First decide how long you want the ribbons to be and how many sets you want to make. Take the length you want and double it as the ribbon will be folded in half when it is put on the ring. Then multiply that by the number of rings you want. Or do what we did and cut 4 ribbons lengths that were each 3 yards long and then decide since you are at it you might as well cut up the rest of the roll too, colorful ribbon is great for all kinds of projects so you can keep it on hand for other crafts in the future.

2. Put each ribbon in a cup and add enough water to cover the ribbon and to be able to stir it around a bit.

Step 3: Add the Color

3. Next using the pipettes that came in the set add 2 ml of one color to each cup and stir right away. The dye will set very quickly so we suggest simply stirring with the pipette. Do this for each color, Rose, Yellow, Turquoise and Green. If you want to dye more ribbon you can try mixing colors to get purples and other shades but we suggest adding the dye to the water first and then putting in the ribbon or you can get spots of the primary colors on your ribbon.

4. After the ribbon has sat in the dye for a minute, take your cups to the sink and pull the ribbon out and rinse with cold water. Hang your ribbons up to dry.

Pro Tip: don't dump the dye you can put ribbon in one more time to get pastel shades

Step 4: Cut and Tie to Hoops

5. Once the ribbons are dry, cut them to length. We cut out ribbons into one yard pieces to end up with three sets.

6. Fold one ribbon in half and thread the fold through the ring/bangle, then pull the ribbon's end through the loop to make a hitch knot. Repeat for the other colors. You can play around with the order you tie the ribbons.

Step 5: Time to Dance!

That's it! Time to move those happy feet!

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