Simple 3-D Printed RGB Decorative Heptagon



Introduction: Simple 3-D Printed RGB Decorative Heptagon

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This is a great gift or even something to keep for yourself as a decorative marvel! This will lighten up anyone's room and make it have a amazing shine! you can download the STL. file to the heptagon using this link Just copy and paste into your browser! Happy building!


3-D Printer ( I used a Ender 3)

LED lights with a sticky back

Any color 3-D printer Filament

(Maybe) super glue or clear tape

Step 1: Sticky Back

First peel off the covering on your LEDs so that it is sticky!

Step 2: Put Them On

Put the LEDs on the sides of the hexagon and make sure they are snug and fit closely to it!

Step 3: Done!

Now you have a beautiful light to show off to your friends and family! It will add light to any dark space and add color too any bland space! Thank you for building and have a nice rest of your day!

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