Introduction: Simple 6 Color Hemp Bracelet

This Instructable will hopefully teach you how to make the bracelet shown. This bracelet should be easy for even the most beginner. The bracelet shown is a variation of the Chinese Staircase style of bracelet. The colors used are all up to you so that you can add your own personal style to it.

Step 1: Gather the Needed Materials

You will need very few materials to make this simple bracelet. These materials include

  1. Hemp cord, or a similar material (can be found at most craft stores, the hemp I used came from Wal-Mart)
  2. A ruler or something similar to measure the length of the cord needed
  3. Something to cut the cord with (I used scissors, but a sharp knife is sufficient)
  4. Tape to anchor the bracelet down so it doesn't move as you make it (if I don't have tape handy I will typically use a water bottle)

Step 2: Cut the Hemp, or Your Cord, to the Desired Length

For this bracelet I chose to use six colors. I cut each color to the length of about 1 and a half feet, or 18 inches. You will want all six colors to be the same length.

Step 3: Beginning the Bracelet

Tie the ends of all six strings together, cut short length of string and tie a loop to the end of all strands where the knot is located. Take your tape and tape the loop to the table, or whatever you are using to anchor the bracelet. This makes it easier to work with.

Step 4: Forming the Bracelet

Gather all strands into one group. From there choose one color and form the loop shown, it should look similar to the number 4. Pull the strand until it creates a knot around the other 5 strands. Do this 3 times. After the third knot is formed place that strand into the group and choose a strand of a different color. Repeat for this strand. Cycle through all strands, repeating this process twice. When you have completed this part move to the next part.

Step 5: The Variation

Split the six strands into two groups of three. Start the same process that you used before to form two strands off of your bracelet. I cycled through the colors on each side twice.

Step 6: Finish the Variation and Finish the Bracelet

Take the two groups of three and make them into one group. Start and continue the pattern you made in the first part, and cycle through your pattern twice. When you have finished that tie a knot in all strands and trim the excess cord. Take another strand of string and tie it so that you have two tails. From here you will put it on your wrist (or another person will put it on your wrist). Tie the two ends of your bracelet together, and you have now finished this bracelet.

Step 7: Wear and Admire Your Work

The title of this step is self-explanatory