Introduction: Simple Balloon Catapult

A small pocket catapult that shoots small, hard berries very far.

Step 1: Equipment

20-40mm PVC pipe (any size between this works fine).

Fein saw with universal blade

Electrical tape

Party balloon


Step 2: Cutting the Balloon

Cut with sharp scissors about 1.5 cm from the lip of the balloon.

Make sure it is a clean cut so that the balloon doesn't split.

It works best if the diameter of the hole in the bottom of the balloon is narrower than the pipe so that the ammo won't hit the pipe.

Step 3: Preparing the Pipe

Any pipe between 20 and 40 mm works fine. I have used 32 mm pipe and it is very powerful.

If you use 20mm pipe it won't be as powerful but a lot more accurate.

Cut the pipe at a length about 20 cm and get as smooth an edge as possible. If it is slightly rough, get some fine sandpaper and smoothen it slightly so that when the balloon fits on, it won't get any holes.

Step 4: Taping the Balloon Onto the PVC Pipe

Fit the balloon onto the smoothest end of the pipe and tape about 10 layers around it as you can see on the first photo.

If the balloon gets a large hole in it, you can double wrap it and put another balloon over it and tape it again.

Step 5: You Are Done!!

When firing, pull the balloon with the ammo in about 10 cm back and let go.

Only use berries or seeds in this or you could seriously hurt someone. Never fire at anyone.

I use mine with hard berries and they are very powerful. You can make a cardboard target and fire at it from the other side of the garden.