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Introduction: Simple Birdhouse, to Decorate

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This birdhouse was made from offcuts of 150x17mm section formwork boards.

The roof is not fixed, it is just nested so that it can be opened when needed.
It is painted white by Colyne who then decorated it with homemade stencils in masking tape.
The colors correspond to his cabin where he is installed.


  • Miter saw
  • hole saw
  • sander
  • nailer


  • shuttering boards
  • nails
  • paint
  • wood glue

Step 1: Plan

The plan is available in the attached PDF and the 3D view made with Fusion 360 here :

Wood thickness 17mm (measurements in mm):

  • Front and rear: width 150, total height 250, height right part (front triangle): 175
  • Sides (x2): width 110, height 175
  • Bottom: width 116, depth 110
  • Roof (x2): width 140, depth 180 (cut at 45 ° on this side)
  • Hole: diameter 40

Step 2: Cutting Boards

The cuts are made with a miter saw which allows both straight cuts and 45 degree cuts.

The hole for the passage of birds is drilled with a 40 mm hole saw.

Step 3: Assembly

Once all the elements have been cut and sanded, I move on to assembly.

The boards are glued with wood glue and nailed with a pneumatic nailer.

Step 4: Roof

I used a piece of wooden cleat to assemble the 2 sections of the roof and glued an "L" angle for the finish.

Step 5: Paint

Colyne, my daughter, is in charge of the painting. She applied 2 coats of white paint.

Step 6: Stencils

For the stencils, I searched the internet for black and white images, pasted them into a Word document, and printed them out.

For example, search "butterfly stencil".

Next, I glued the disposable part of a vinyl sticker, add paint scoth on it, and then cut out the shapes with a cutter.

Step 7: Decoration

The stencils are then glued on the birdhouse and Colyne painted them with the same color as his children's cabin.

Step 8: Done!

The birdhouse is installed at the top of his cabin so that cats cannot access it.

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