Introduction: Simple But Useful Rubber Band Hacks!

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These everyday struggles are frustrating. Here are some hacks that will help, using only rubber bands!


  • Rubber bands!

Step 1: Hack #1

When it comes to squirty bottles, kids like to get a big squirt. A way to solve that is to wrap a rubber band around the neck of a bottle, almost at the base. Now when they squirt the bottle, it will only go down as much as the rubber band lets them!

Step 2: Hack #2

Cutting on a moving cutting board is difficult. If you wrap a rubber band around each end once, it won't slip and slide!

Step 3: Hack #3

Jars. They're always so hard to open. Rubber bands can help open that stubborn jar and make them your friend again! Just wrap a wide rubber band around the lid of the jar once, or two little ones. That'll give you some extra grip on that jar!

Step 4: Hack #4

Great, your glasses are slipping off your face again. Now, you could get them tightened, but what if you don't have time but you don't want your glasses falling off your face? Just wrap a rubber band around the arms, almost all the way at the end. Won't that be uncomfortable you ask? No! Once you put them on, you won't feel them! Trust me, this one is a life saver.

Step 5: Hack #5

NOOOO! Your spoon has fallen in your bowl again! This has to be the most frustrating thing ever. No matter how many times you tell it to stay, it'll just fall back down again! Here's a way to force your spoon to stay standing up! Just wrap a rubber band around the edge of the handle. Now your mischievous spoon will have to stay up! This will also work for a pot.

Step 6: BONUS

Yes, I know the title says this is an Instructable about rubber band hacks, but I decided to throw this in anyway. RUBBER BAND BRACELET! First, take a rubber band and pinch it in the middle. Then fold it in half so it makes a "C" shape. Next, take another rubber band and slide it through the first one. Then silde another through that one and then another, and well, you get the idea right? Keep sliding the rubber bands through until it's big enough to fit around your wrist. Then, take the last rubber band that you slid on and tie it so the rubber bands won't go flying everywhere. Well, that's it! Thank you for reading and please vote for me in the contest!

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