Introduction: Simple Comic Wall Displays

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Welcome to my 2nd expendable

While having a sort out I decided use some of the old bits of wood around the house to make some very simple but effective comic book wall mounts

Step 1: Items Needed....

For this job I cut a few corners to save time and luckily it didn't go wrong lol

You will need wood any will do I used a long 1m strip 3cm width 1 thick and had an extra 1cm x 1cm strip ( so 2 strips in total )

Hand saw

No more nails or strong wood glue

*Drill and nails for mounting on wall I cheated and used no more nails again to save making holes so these aren't required but each to their own

And obviously a few of your favourite comics

Step 2: Cutting

I roughly measured out 7cm along the strip and marked off where I needed to cut

I did this with both pieces

Then cut the measurements to what I needed and then continued until I had used all the wood

( you can use any thin wood for this as you will see from the pics it is very very simple )

Then I simply took one from each pile and glued then together like to see in the pics ( if you use 2 of the same size and width just glue one to the end of the other ) It's so simple even I did it lol )

Step 3: Wall Mounting

Now this part is super simple

My way I just added a small amount of NO MORE NAILS to each side and firmly push it to the wall where I wanted the comic to be displayed

Hold for a few seconds and it 'should' take hold itself

Leave to dry for a hour or 2

There will be some who say this what about removal, well I have done this before and they hold firm but a simple good tap with a hammer will take them off the wall and should not require a lot of patch up just a simple re paint ( no filler or messing about with screws )

Step 4: Pick Your Favourite Comic and Enjoy

Once dry simply put your comic in and your done

Hope this helps everyone feel free comment

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