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Introduction: Simple Comic Wall Displays

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Welcome to my 2nd expendable

While having a sort out I decided use some of the old bits of wood around the house to make some very simple but effective comic book wall mounts

Step 1: Items Needed....

For this job I cut a few corners to save time and luckily it didn't go wrong lol

You will need wood any will do I used a long 1m strip 3cm width 1 thick and had an extra 1cm x 1cm strip ( so 2 strips in total )

Hand saw

No more nails or strong wood glue

*Drill and nails for mounting on wall I cheated and used no more nails again to save making holes so these aren't required but each to their own

And obviously a few of your favourite comics

Step 2: Cutting

I roughly measured out 7cm along the strip and marked off where I needed to cut

I did this with both pieces

Then cut the measurements to what I needed and then continued until I had used all the wood

( you can use any thin wood for this as you will see from the pics it is very very simple )

Then I simply took one from each pile and glued then together like to see in the pics ( if you use 2 of the same size and width just glue one to the end of the other ) It's so simple even I did it lol )

Step 3: Wall Mounting

Now this part is super simple

My way I just added a small amount of NO MORE NAILS to each side and firmly push it to the wall where I wanted the comic to be displayed

Hold for a few seconds and it 'should' take hold itself

Leave to dry for a hour or 2

There will be some who say this what about removal, well I have done this before and they hold firm but a simple good tap with a hammer will take them off the wall and should not require a lot of patch up just a simple re paint ( no filler or messing about with screws )

Step 4: Pick Your Favourite Comic and Enjoy

Once dry simply put your comic in and your done

Hope this helps everyone feel free comment

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    5 years ago

    'Welcome to my 2nd expendable'

    I look forward to Expendables 3 and 4! :-D


    Reply 5 years ago

    lol good spot, was made on the mobile app and auto correct is a nightmare ahaha


    glad to hear, drop some pics when your donw, id be interested to see how yours worked out and deffo the comics ;)


    6 years ago

    Another way to adhere light things like this to walls is removable 3M hook strips. I always double the adhesion needed for weight, follow the directions (24 hr set time) and in many cases trim the pulling end (ugly) and carefully twist the object from the wall for removal. It's not fool-proof damage-free, but I'd say I've gotten about 90%.


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Yea hooks should work, i just purly used what i had lying around and worked out better than expected, very happy i didnt need to drill hole lol may at some point give these a paint, maybe even comi9c style paint to match but will have to check with the other lucky she let me put them up hahaha ;)


    6 years ago

    Wow thank you so much for the feature, genuinely surprised, hope you all like ;)