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Introduction: Simple Disco-ball Pumpkin

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Disco here and disco there! Don't trip! Make your own disco-ball for your Halloween party! Using a few simple materials and a pumpkin, you can make this freaktastic centerpiece for your Halloween disco dance party! So grab your gauchos girls, and get your rose colored glasses on. This is going to be one groovy trip, man! PSYCHE!

Step 1: Easy to Make

There are so many neat-o ways to make this happen! You can use duct tape, silver tape- HVAC aluminum tape, flexible mirror from an auto store, silver vinyl or if you don't have any of those-use aluminum foil or silver card stock! You could even use Mylar. I bet you know a few things I left out that can be used too! That's cool beans!

Download the pdf to help you with the lines. This is designed to fit an approx. 19" around and 8.5' from top to bottom, sized pumpkin.

Step 2: Simply Paste and Cut

If using aluminum tape, cut rectangular lengths off the end, then cut again to make into squares. Peel and stick.

For duct tape, just tear it with your fingers. It makes a cool, ragged edge! Makes a dulled down, eerie look you expect of a duct tape disco-ball. Use one of the cool new duct tape designs to make your own unique design!

If using vinyl, cut into squares, peel off the backing and apply. Apply to clean, dry pumpkin covering from bottom to top going around the whole pumpkin. Use smaller squares on the top and bottom edges to give it a realistic look.

If using foil, apply shiny side out. Apply stick glue carefully to the entire backside of foil. Cover with parchment. Fold cut lines using a straight edge. Cut into squares. Peel off parchment paper and apply. You will want to apply the foil ones before the glue dries which is relatively quick.

I wanted to make this on a ceramic pumpkin so the disco-ball pumpkin can be a new tradition that we pull out every year to enjoy!

If you want to use a real pumpkin, cover it with a coat of floor polish like Future which is a liquid acrylic that will make the pumpkin bright and shiny and preserve it indefinitely.

The important thing to remember is cover the whole pumpkin as best you can and do me a solid and have a blast!

Step 3: Party Time

If you own some vinyl, get your turntable out and spin some hits! There's nothing like the sound the drop of a needle makes at 78 rpm on vinyl. Music was King in the 70's. We hung on every note and line! Music meant good times. Remember your first transistor radio? SWEET! The top 20 with Casey Kasem? Right on! What was your first 45? Mine was 'Sara Smile' by Hall & Oates. Outta sight! Catch ya on the flip side!

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This screams DISCO!

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My recommendations for getting in the groove

Gloria Gaynor

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Michael Jackson

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Curtis Mayfield

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Earth, Wind & Fire

Don't be afraid to 'Let the Good Times Roll' but watch for the 'Smoke on the Water' because you'll want to be 'Stayin' Alive' for the 'Dancing Queen' which if you haven't heard the 'Rumors', 'Someone Saved My Life Tonight, ah wait, 'That's the Name of the Game', 'I'm 'All Mixed Up!'

Continue to the next page to find links to more brilliant pumpkin ideas from our groovy community!


Step 4: Other Decorating Ideas

'Sock it to me baby, let it all hang out!' If you want some other tough-o, neato, wow, wow, wow, pumpkin decorating ideas check out these funky fab favorites.

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We tried the crayon melt one. The blow dryer kept making the crayons fall off the top of the pumpkin! So I resorted to melting the crayon with a lit match. It turned out cute!

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I have seen where they use press-on nails for teeth too and it's very creepy!

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Tide Pods Pumpkin Hack

Love the upcycles!

Wearable Disco Ball Visor

Very inspired!

Don't be scared to enjoy this favorite time of the year! Can you dig it?

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    What is the material you used in your top photo? Is that a glittery mylar? What adhesive do you think works best for materials that don't already have a sticky backing?


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Hi Ashley! I used just a regular glue stick on the foil. The sparkle stuff is self adhesive vinyl. I hope you take a pic of what you make! I'd love to see it!