Simple Dollar Shirt




Introduction: Simple Dollar Shirt

Create your simple dollar to impress people.

Step 1: Material

Get a rather straight dollar of your choice. The bill type will not matter

Step 2: Folding

Fold the dollar of choice in half as shown. (Make sure to get a good crease)

Step 3: Folding Continues

NEXT: Fold the top of the bill to the crease

NEXT: Do the same with bottom then make sure to create creases

Step 4: Folding

1:Fold the right side of the bill behind itself

2:fold each side of the bill to the center creased location of the bill

Step 5: Hardest Part

1:Pinch about an inch down from the center of the dollar and pull outward

2: then push the very bottom of the bill over the pinched creases but make sure to not let the creases fold with the bottom and hold them in place(crease it down)

Step 6: Final Folding

1: Push the already folded and crease bottom over the top and tuck the shoulders under neath the collar.

Your Dollar T-shirt

You may have to pull the shoulders out to equal in size

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