Simple Elegant Beaded Necklace

Introduction: Simple Elegant Beaded Necklace

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A necklace like this one is super simple and great for a beginning beader. The supplies you will need are: 2 crimp beads, 1 closure, crimping pliers, approximately 25 inches of wire, a beading board and beads. When choosing beads it is a good idea to keep the balance of the piece in mind. I break beads down into the following 3 categories 1) Focal beads – The beads your eye is first drawn to, they are always the largest beads in a necklace (they are the 6 lampwork heart shaped beads in the necklace shown here). 2) Helper beads- Not as big or as flashy as focal beads, but they provide variation and a framework to a piece (they are the tube beads in the necklace shown here. 3) Spacer beads- they fill in any empty spaces (they are the crystal beads in the necklace shown here).

Step. 1: Using a beading board lay out your necklace design. Start by placing the focal beads the same distance apart then add the helper beads, and the spacer beads.

Step 2 : Make a loop at one end of your wire piece, put a closure at the top of the loop, place a crimp at the bottom of the loop and use the crimping pliers to close it.

Step 3: String the beads onto the wire in the order they are laid out on the beading board.

Step 4: Leave enough wire to make a second loop before you cut off the excess wire. You can use this loop to hook the closure into.

You’re done! Thanks so much for reading. Happy beading!

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