Simple Flame / Fire Sensor With Just 1 Component!!

Introduction: Simple Flame / Fire Sensor With Just 1 Component!!

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This FLAME sensor /fire detector uses only a IR receiver to detect Flame or fire. and there's an LED to indicate the output. No micro controller needed.

Flame sensors or Fire Detectors are pretty famous in DIY world. I've tried to design a Simple sensor that does its job but also uses less components.

watch the video to know more

Let's get started.

Step 1: Parts You'll Need

1. IR photo diode (2 pin IR receiver) 1x

2. LED (any color, red/green is advised) 1x

3. 9v battery connector 1x

4. 9v battery 1x

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Step 2: Principle (a Little Knowledge Before You Hop In)

The IR sensor detects Infrared from its surrounding. As the SUN and FIRE emit Infrared a remarkable amount the IR receiver diode detects this and thus the resistance of the circuit drops thus Current flows through it and the LED light up. The higher the IR amount is, the brighter the LED will be.

And if there's no IR the resistance will be high and the LED won't light up.

Step 3: Build the Simple Circuit

The circuit is too easy , you can make this from the pin outs (pic2) . Connect he LED and IR diode legs as shown in picture 3 & 4 . Connect LED end to positive of battery connector and IR diode end to Gnd or negative of battery connector.

I've added a sticker on top of it to hide the circuit and make it beautiful.

Step 4: Finished!!!

Now just connect a 9v battery to it and check it to nearer fire Source, Your CHEAP EASY DIY FLAME sensor is DONE! happy making,have fun.

Watch the video in action.

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