Simple Ghetto Workbench V1.0

Introduction: Simple Ghetto Workbench V1.0

Small project, yet no workbench? Simple Ghetto Workbench to the rescue!

Step 1: Philosophy and Build

What is the difference between a working surface and a workbench? A way to attach stuff to it.

This is my version of simplest possible workbench: a piece of board on the floor with a small block of wood attached on it, supplemented with a clamp. It's extremely simple, yet makes working a lot easier. It's sturdy too - just sit on it for additional weight! When you are finished, put the 'workbench' into the closet for next use.

Ugly? Yes. Crude? Absolutely. But the real beauty lies in the accessibility that brings woodworking to all.


The board has a glossy finish, so the attachment point was marred with a knife and sandpaper, and the block was attached by white glue and nails. And that's it! The black screw was temporary, so it could be used while the glue is wet.


The board here is an old 1' x 3' piece of furniture board, and block of wood here was a thin piece of corner strip, as they were available. However, I would recommend using a 1'x4' board so you can sit on it more easily, and a 2"x2" or 2"x4" block for easier mounting.

As I currently live in a tiny apartment with no workspace, the Ghetto Workbench might become a permanent fixture in my closet, and get some upgrades in the near future.

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    5 years ago

    That'll work in a pinch. I'd suggest setting it on a table so it's easier on your back.


    Reply 5 years ago

    You could clamp it to a table, but having it on the floor with your weight on it means zero wobble. Of course, if you have a sturdy table, that'll work too.