Introduction: Simple Green Christmas Wreath

This is a simple wreath idea perfect for the Christmas Season. It's made from only three things, which are easily accessible by anyone around the world. To have this wreath looking beautiful and ready for the season you'll need:



-glue (glue gun works best, but liquid or stick works too)

-crepe paper (green)

-card/straw board

-two circular objects (with a diameter difference of a few centimetres)

Step 1: Outlining Your Circles

To begin, grab the two circular objects, as well as your card/straw board. Lay the card/straw board on a flat clean surface, and place the larger circle down on top of the card/straw board. Using your pencil, trace, the larger circle all the way around. Once that's done remove the larger circle and place the smaller circle in the centre of that larger circle. Before tracing the smaller circle, ensure that its edges are separated from that of the larger circle by the same distance all the way around. Once separated by the same distance all the way around, carefully trace the smaller circle all the way around, using your pencil. Now remove the smaller circular object and inspect the circles. Once satisfied that the inner circle is equal in distance from the outer circle all the way around, you're ready for the next step.

Step 2: Cutting and Wrapping Your Circle

Grab your scissors and carefully cut along the edges of the outer circle, to remove it from the rest of the card/straw board sheet. Once removed, carefully cut in a straight line towards the centre of the circle stopping on the line of the inner circle's outline. This gives you access to the inner circle. Carefully cut along the penciled outline of the inner circle, all the way around. Once done cutting, apply glue along the straight line that you had cut to close the circle, ensuring neither side rides up on top of the other. You now have the circular frame of your wreath, which is ready to be wrapped. Using your glue, apply a line of glue in a straight line along the line that you had cut and glued. Attach the crepe paper to that line of glue starting from the centre of the circle to the outer edge at a slight angle going to the right. Allow the glue to dry, as it anchors the crepe paper to the circular frame. Once in place continue to wrap the crepe paper around the circle at a slight angle to the right. The crepe paper will overlap on the layer you had just wrapped but that is exactly what you want to happen. Once you've reached the point at which you started, continue wrapping until you can no longer see, the card/straw board. Once the card/straw board is no longer visible, cut the crepe paper and using a small amount of glue, glue the edge down.

Step 3: Attaching the Foliage

Cut the remaining crepe paper, not attached to the circular frame, into small squares as shown in the picture. You will need quite a bit of squares so go crazy cutting. Once done cutting, gather all the squares in a pile that you can easily grab from. To begin, apply a dot of glue to the crepe covered circular frame, taking a single square and a pencil, press the centre of that square onto the dot of glue, using the blunt end of the pencil. Apply the second dot of glue on to the circular frame as close to the base of the first one as possible without gluing down the excess crepe paper sticking out, attach the second crepe square to the second dot of glue using the pencil's blunt end. Repeat this until the entire circular frame is sufficiently covered.

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