Introduction: Simple Home Automation (custom Bluetooth Application)

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in this tutorial i am going to show you,how to build a simple home automation(that is we can controll our home appliences with our smartphone)

Step 1:

watch video for full tutorial

Step 2: Things Needed


you can use any arduino thats builts with atmega 328(uno,pro mini..etc)

2.hc 05 bluetooth module

you can use either hc05 or hc06

3.2 channel relay moddule

i am using home made relay module

Step 3: How to Make Relay Module

follow the circuit to make relay module

Step 4: Circuit and Connections

follow circuit diagram and solder everything in a common pcb

watch video for clear idea


Step 5: Code and Application

code and circuit

dowload remotexy from playstore or appstore

pair with bluetooth (password 1234)

Step 6: Thanks ,happy Making

comment your doubts and suggetions

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