Simple Key Chain Torch and Mini Desktop Lamp.




Introduction: Simple Key Chain Torch and Mini Desktop Lamp.

This is a simple key chain torch and it can be use as a (desktop/keyboard) lamp by mounding it on a stand simply made out of some simple materials. And here is how I made it.

Step 1: Materials for Making Torch.

The materials for this project is 

Bright white LED
Some thin wires
Battery (here I used a 27A 12v Battery)
Push button switch (here I used a 6 pin one)
And some pieces of newspaper.

Step 2: Let's Make It !

1, First take the button switch and sand out the edges (then leave it a side).
2, Take the LED and cut the legs as shown and solder it to the pieces of wires.
3, Then connect the wires by soldering, one end to the battery and the other to the switch
     and also solder a small piece of wire from switch to the other end of the battery.
4, Then secure it with some hot glue.
5, Don't forget to test the connection are well connected.
6, After all take a piece of paper (news paper), cut exact measurement of it
     by leaving the lighting part of the LED and the pressing portion of the button.
7, And then roll it with the paper straightly, glue the beginning of the paper with some hot glue
     and end with some craft glue. 

Step 3: Adding (key) Chain and Making Stand.

1, Make a small hole with a large sewing needle, at the bottom side of the switch through the glue (inside).
2, Insert the smallest end of the key chain through the hole (very gently).
3, Finish the both end of the torch with hot glue.

1, Start by folding 2 or 3 full pages of newspaper (as shown ).
2, Tie it with some copper  wire or any kind of thin metal wire like this.
3,  Leave a long piece of wire on the top side to make the hook for holding the lamp.
4, And make a Y shaped hook on the top to hold the torch as in the image.

Finely here we have it ! 

Step 4: We Made It !

Press down the torch gently on to the stand (as shown).

                         cool! now its a lamp.
                we can bend in however we want.
     Now it is a key chain torch and a desktop lamp.

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    6 years ago

    mmmmm think I'll have to try this, especially like the stand


    9 years ago on Introduction

    I really like your lamp stand, At first I was a little confused, then, I realized that on the other side of the pond yaw call a flashlight a torch