Introduction: Simple No Energy Cost Reconstitution of Crystallized Honey (and Solar Cooker/Heater)

From time to time I go to my pantry for some honey, only to find it is Crystallized. For those familiar in the art, you will know the heating to melt the honey crystals is recommended to be in a double boiler. I don't like having to take the honey out of its plastic jar (usually polyethylene or similar low heat plastic) , to prevent deformity the jar permanently, just to heat it up. So I thought up a way to melt the crystals with no energy expenditure, no honey waste, no deformity to the container, even unattended.

I place my honey container in the front dash window of my car in full sun for 30 min to 5 hours, latitude, weather and season of the year dependent. I live in the desert Southwest, so in the summer, it takes 30 min and the winter 1.5 hours. If you live in Northfield MN, I bet it takes 1 hour in the summer and 6 hours in the winter... Please let me know, any of you folk in Northern latitudes and I will publish a Summer--Winter duration chart. Thermometer readings on my dash range between 170 degree F in the Summer to 120 degree F in the winter, plenty of heat to warm the honey. If you worry that your container could leak or melt, simply put it in a larger pan, such as a roaster or cook pot. This is also a great way to cook or warm food (burritos in foil for travel or lunch) or chocolate syrup, as long as your thermometer is above 140 degree F. I make jerky and dried fruits this way in trays in my front window.. No dehydrator cost, and no energy cost, and my dash stays cooler too! (yes, I use a thermal window shield, and have cooked on the other side of it.)

Hope you enjoy this solution, it's my first post, and please leave feedback!!! John

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