Introduction: Simple Summer Wreath

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I’m most definitely no wreath expert, but I do play one online...

I made a yarn wreath for the holidays and liked it so when spring came around, I thought, hey why not make one for the summer too. So I picked out my favorite flower, the simple yellow daisy, and yarn to match and got to work. It’s really a very simple wreath, as I have no real wreath experience, but I’m happy with it. You can easily make your own, in your own choice of flowers and colors. To start, here is what you’ll need.


  • styrofoam wreath (or I've seen pool noodles used before)
  • yarn in the color of your choice
  • fake flowers of your choice
  • wooden ‘frame’
  • wooden letter
  • paint
  • glue
  • burlap (or other material) for bow Now, here’s how you do it!

Step 1: Wrap the Wreath in Yarn

First, tie the yarn to the wreath, then spend way too many minutes, wrapping the yarn around the styrofoam until you are happy with the coverage. This takes awhile, so put on your favorite TV show and cuddle up on your couch with your yard and wreath.

Step 2: Add Flowers

Try a few layouts by placing your flowers and letter/frame in different spots until you are happy with the layout. Then secure the flowers where you want them. Push the stem into the styrofoam and it should hold fine. If the flower you pick has a flimsy stem, you may need to hot glue them to the yarn.

Step 3: Paint Letter and Frame; Attach to Wreath

I wanted to add an R for Rodgers, so I found a fun R at Michael’s Craft Store and painted it green to match the greenery in the shasta daisies. I then found a laser cut wood frame to use as a background for the R. I painted this white to help show off the green R on the wreath.

Paint the letters/frame and glue to the wreath. I used hot glue to glue mine on.

Step 4: Add Bow and Hang

I purchased a burlap ribbon that is about 4 inches wide, and made a bow and loop for hanging. I have 0 skill in bow making, but I gave it my best shot and it turned out OK. Overall, it’s not my favorite craft I’ve made, but I’m happy with it and have had it hanging on my door for two summers so far.

Good luck with your version! I’d love to see what you come up with. .

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