Simple USB-box (6mm MDF)

Introduction: Simple USB-box (6mm MDF)

This is a simple box for keeping my ever growing pile of USB-keys and sticks.

The USB "logo" is actually fairly pretty in itself.

Step 1: Plans

I made this in 6mm MDF which is obviously hugely overkill just for a box.

But I like the rugged overbuild look of it - and I had some spare scraps of 6mm MDF.

Because of the thickness of the MDF you might not even need to glue it. I ended up gluing mine (and my MDF was actually 5.5 mm and not 6 - but it -was- cheap).

I assembled mine with the "scorched" side outwards and without polishing it. That is up to taste, obviously. If you do not like the scorched look, either use less power and cut twice or cover cut marks with painters tape. Or just sand it down after assembly.

Drawings in Adobe Illustrator, Autodesk and .png format.

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