Introduction: Simple Water Proof Camera

This works in a quick pinch or if you want more protection for your device or you are just plain cheap like me. This technique can be used in other ways but at your own discretion. I'm not sure if anyone has done an instructable like this so I figured, why not. I've seen a lot of other remakes of instructables so here goes. (And no I'm not cooking my camera.)

Step 1: Gather Materials (Duh!)

You need scissors a food saver and food saver plastic roll and obviously whatever you want to water proof or weather proof. If you don't have a food saver then your outa luck. No but seriously you can get a cheap one at Amazon more than likely. (And if you aren't old enough to use scissors then you shouldn't even be on here.) Great! Now then, let's get to Step 2---->

Step 2: Connect the Dots Genius

So in this part it's kind of an obvious thing we are going to do. Cut the size you need for your device or etc. I personally used an old phone first to test on and it failed bad because I vacuumed sealed it rather than just sealing it. I will post a pic at the end. So a good rule is to do a test run first. Any-who once you seal your item test for leaks by pressing on it to hear or feel any air that may be leaking out. Personally I just tossed it in a pot with water while it was on recording.

Step 3: Stand and Stare in Awe... (close Your Mouth, Gesh.)

Tah-Dah!!! Water proof. Well I don't know how deep or for how long this would work but I am sure you will let me know. Oh and FYI this is also good for keeping your hand gun (be it real, air soft or BB/pellet) safe from humidity an other debris. Just pop one of those oxygen absorber or that little package that says do not eat on it, that you find in your jerky bag or new shoes. And as I told you here is a pic of my epic fail when I first tried this.

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