Introduction: Fancy Eye-Catching Holiday Lighting

The holiday season is near and "All I Want For Christmas Is You -Mariah Carey" is already trending in Global Top 10 songs list.

It's always a please to have fancy lighting and get the most talked house in the area.

This year as I have to travel for work most of December I already completed most of my decoration and would like to share the details.


My house is 6500 sq feet of floor space.

So the supplies I used were:

White LED lights: 40 ft strings (1 LED per feet) * 10 pcs = 400 feet

Yellow LED lights: 40 ft strings (1 LED per feet) * 4 pcs = 160 feet

LED Lamp (Blue): 2 pcs

LED Lamp (Purple): 2 pcs

Electric Cable: 500 feet

Electrical Tape

Wire cutter and other general tools

Step 1: Setting Up Lights

Connect the four led lamps and put them up against a wall. The reflection of the lights will provide a royal glow to the walls.

Run the string lights around the pillars. This will highlight them well.

Throw the string lights down a wall or slanting roof to highlight the sides of the house.

Step 2: The Final Look

The final finish is shown in the pictures above. It looks even more amazing than what I can capture on my camera.

I have had many neighbours stop and compliment the house and even ask me if I outsourced the work.

This is a simple design. Add a star in the middle and we got a classy easy to do holiday decoration ready.

Step 3: Voice Control

Pair it with one of my other projects to add Alexa support and add scheduling along with voice control.

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