Introduction: Simple Book Light

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If you like to read and make things then this instructable is for you. This is a extremely easy book light and cost about nothing if you can salvage a LED and 3-volt lithium Battery.

Step 1: Things You Need

you need:

A 3-volt button battery.

A LED. You can mod it and have two LEDs to have more light.

Two mauly clips, one small and one medium.

And a wire coat hanger.

Things that are not in the picture:


hot glue gun and hot glue.

Step 2: Cut the Coat Hanger

take off that cardboard stick on the coat hanger. Cut the hanger right before the hook like in the picture. Through away the piece with the hook. Use the pliers and straiten the wire.

Step 3: Prepering the Wire

use the pliers and bend one end of the wire and pinch it around one handle of the medium mauly clip. Then use hot glue and glue it at a 90 degree angle to the clip. You'll need allot of glue. Now set this piece aside.

Step 4: Prepering the Light

Take the battery and the LED and glue one wire to the correct side of the battery.

Step 5: Puting Together

bend the wire about 3 inches from the top 145 degrees. Use the small mauly clip and clip the battery LED thing you glued in step 4 at the top and use the big clip at the bottom to clip to a book.