Introduction: Simple Commands to Teach Your Dog

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I'm here to teach your dog a few simple commands. Take note to make sure that your dog gets plenty of exercise, and empties their bladder, or this could cause them to be distracted during your training sessions.

Step 1: Sit

This is a very simple command to teach your dog, it should be the first command your dog should learn. Get your dogs attention, make him look at you, and as he is looking at you gently push down on the end of there back. Once there bottom touches the floor say "sit", and hand them a treat. You can use dog biscuits, treats, and even if I don't have any of those I use noodles. Do this around 15-20 times, every 3-4 hours no more because they could end up becoming bored with it, and won't learn any tricks. Once your dog has mastered this, ( which is when you say "sit" and they sit without any help) move on to the next command they should learn.

Step 2: Lie Down

Start by making your dog sit, Take a treat, and put it in your palm, close your hand into a fist, with the treat in it, and let your dog sniff your fist, so that they know a treat is in it. Then slowly put your fist on the ground, so that your dog will still be smelling the treat as your fist is going down. This should result in your dog lying on the ground. Once they are lying in they are on the ground for at least 2 seconds, say "down" or "lie down".Do this about 15-20 times, every 3-4 hours. Make sure your dog masters this before moving on to the next command.

Step 3: Come

This is a very easy trick to teach your dog. Take a treat let your dog see it, but don't let them eat it, as they are looking at it do your call just say "come",or I usually whistle. After you are done doing your call, give your dog the treat. Do this 15-20 times.
Once you are done with that put your dog on a long leash, and go somewhere with lots of room preferably outdoors. While holding on to the leash let your dog roam around, and once your dog is distracted, do the call you did while you where training with him. Once your dog comes to you give him/her a treat.
This should teach your dog every time you call that they are going to get a treat, if you let your dog outside to do his business ( only do this when they are mastered) and you call them but they don't come, once they do come DO NOT punish them because they didn't listen to you. This will teach them that it is bad when you call them.

Step 4: ENJOY!!!!

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